First Look: Gemma Arterton In CLASH OF THE TITANS

artertonclashtitansbigWhile I’m not really looking forward to a revamp of Clash Of The Titans, I think one of the project’s few saving graces will be Gemma Arterton. She makes an impression in her 2007 feature film debut St. Trinian’s, though most moviegoers first saw her as Strawberry Fields in last year’s Bond outing Quantum Of Solace.

In Titans, Arterton plays the goddess Io, who serves as warrior Perseus’s (Sam Worthington) guide on a mission to stop god of the underworld Hades (Ralph Finnes) from seizing the throne of Zues (Liam Neeson), king of the gods.

Hmmmmm… Lots of gods there, but no titans, who were the forebearers of the Greek gods. But I’m sure they’re just not cashing in on the name recognition of the original 1980 film, are they?

Via GemmaArtertonOnLine.

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