Photos: Big Apple Comic Con

The Big Apple Con was this weekend, and media guests equaled, or possibly outnumbered, the number of comic book guests. While Wizard’s definition of a celebrity might be a bit broad, the world of film was well represented at the convention.

Big Apple Comic Con 003

The DeLorean from Back to the Future was a key attraction. The booth was selling DeLorian T-Shirts for $45. You could by four for that price at the Stylin’ Online booth.

Here lies the Autograph Area.

Here lies the autograph area. You can get photos signed by your favorite stars from $20 all the way up to $75 for William Shatner.

Big Apple Comic Con 004Brent Spiner signing for a fan at the Lightspeed Fine Art booth.

Big Apple Comic Con 001

Astro Boy being lead away. No, he wasn’t causing a disturbance. He’s just going on break. The Wizard booth had a plethora of Astro Boy swag, including posters, pins and pens.

Big Apple Comic Con 011

It wouldn’t be a comic con without fans dressing up in character. There were a lot of people as Batman, the Joker and any number of Star Wars people. But these guys were some of the best.

Did I say Star Wars?

Big Apple Comic Con 007The obligatory R2-D2.

Big Apple Comic Con 008

A truly gigantic Chewbacca.

Big Apple Comic Con 009

Said Chewbacca on a stroll.

Big Apple Comic Con 014

Finally, Billy Dee Williams being interviewed at the UFrag TV booth.

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