After viewing the trailer for the remake of Clash Of The Titans, I have to wonder why the producers are bothering with calling this film a remake. It is not like that the rights to the ancient Greek myths and legends of mortal heroes defying powerful gods and monsters are tied up with the original 1981 film. I think it’s safe to assume that they’re in the public domain.

In this new version, Perseus (Sam Worthington) leads a group of valiant soldiers into the underworld to defeat Hades (Ralph Fiennes) before he can try and seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson), king of the gods. This is a far cry from the original film’s story focusing on Perseus (Harry Hamlin) questing to slay Medusa and capture the winged horse Pegasus as a warm up to rescuing Princess Andromeda (Judi Bowker) from the sea monster Kraken.

The new film, or at least the trailer for it, features lots of jump cuts, sections with muted color palettes and grainy looks and sudden speeding up of action moments, it looks like they’re advertising a sequel to Zak Snyder’s 300 more so than a remake of the film that marked the last cinematic work of stop motion animation guru Ray Harryhausen. Plus, there’s not a robotic owl/R2-D2 wannabe in sight. No Bebo, no sale.

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