New Releases: September 1

1. The American (Focus Features, 2,721 Theaters, 105 Minutes, Rated R): George Clooney has proven that he can do a caper film, a dramedy, and ensemble dramas. He has yet to prove he can be an action star. The Peacemaker was not exactly a blockbuster and the less said about Batman and Robin the better.

It seems like Clooney is giving the genre another try, although this film is not a simple action film.

Clooney portrays an assassin who is setting up camp in Italy. As he is waiting for information about his target to arrive, he becomes friendly with some of the locals and starts on a path of romance. However, when his victim’s identity arrives, it might cause him more trouble than he expected.

If his fans don’t follow him to action this time, at least he got to shoot the film in his adopted home of Italy. That should count for something.

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