New Releases: October 29

1. Saw 3D (Lionsgate, 2,808 Theaters, 90 Minutes, Rated R): The ads claim that this film will be the last of the franchise. Well, it’s about time. This last vestige of the torture porn genre should go out while it’s still ahead.

In this installment, the rival factions following in Jigsaw’s footprints begin fight it out over his legacy, a group of survivors run into trouble when their support group leader turns out to have some nasty secrets in his past.

You have to admire the way the franchise continued after killing off it’s main villain so early in the chain of sequels and the plots were a slight improvement over the imitators it spawned. But the series is now a throwback, an almost quaint reminder of an earlier time. So, goodbye Saw franchise. Please try to stay away.

Much like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I’m sure the Academy will reward Saw 3D with the richly deserved and long overdue nominations the franchise has been waiting for all these years.

Or, maybe not. The Academy like to be viewed as young and hip, but they ain’t young and hip enough to nominate something in the torture porn genre.

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