The AVENGERS Are Assembling Against… (Spoilers! Big Time!)

So, you’ve got the Hulk, you’ve got Thor, you’ve got Iron Man, you’ve got Captain America. Right there, you have a formidable force to make up the Avengers, even before you add Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury to the mix. How are you ever going to find a threat that can match up to them. Well, Latino Review has scoop as to who the villains of The Avengers will be, and they are indeed formidable. (Latino Review’s story has since been removed.)

According to sources close to the website, the Avengers will be facing off against both Loki and the Skrulls.

The rumor states that Loki will be the main villain and that as a plot point, he will be using the Cosmic Cube (called the Tesseract in the films) to summon the Aliens (aka Skrulls) to invade Earth and soften up his foes.

I strongly felt that Loki would have to be a villain of the film. The character was instrumental in the forming of the comic book version of the team. Since the character will be introduced in Thor, having him not be the bad guy in The Avengers would be needlessly provoking the fans ire.

The Skrulls are an alien race of shapeshifters who have normally face off against the Fantastic Four in the comics, but have run up against the Avengers once or twice. They most recently have been the bad guys of the “Secret Invasion” crossover event.

The use of the Skrulls is an interesting way to go. The one thing that separates them from your everyday, ordinary aliens is their ability to make themselves look like any other being. The main plot point of “Secret Invasion” was that the Skrulls had sleeper agents in the Marvel Universe for years, just waiting for the opportunity to strike.

However, will this aspect be adequately explored in what is already becoming a very busy film? Because if it isn’t, the Skrulls will be just like any other alien race and therefore, would have no specific reason to be in the film. You could have used any number of alien races that have appeared in Marvel comics over the years or create a new race of your own.

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Victor the Crab
Victor the Crab
July 17, 2011 12:13 am

Captain America. Thor. Iron Man. The Avengers big three! Nuff said!!!!!