Meryl Streep As THE IRON LADY, Margaret Thatcher

Here’s a look at Meryl Streep and Jim Broadbent in the upcoming Margaret Thatcher bio-pic The Iron Lady.

Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1979 to 1990, Thatcher earned her nickname for string rhetoric against the Soviet Union and her work on reducing the power that industrial unions held. She also came under fire for her moves to privatize state-owned utilities and deregulate the country’s financial industry.

Streep’s regular hair and makeup artist J. Roy Helland is responsible for her remarkably good transformation into Thatcher. Now normally I would say that it would take more than just a hairdo and some funny teeth to encapsulate a real person in a film, but this is a two-time Academy Award winner we’re talking about, so I don’t think that should be a problem.

The real problem for me, is that the film is being directed by Phyllida Lloyd,the director behind Mamma Mia!. I found that film horribly staged and shot. Hopefully, Streep won’t deliver a great performance trapped in a crappily shot film.

Via Bleeding Cool.

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