Will Bruce Campbell Make An EVIL DEAD Remake Cameo?

Just because the planned remake of the horror classic The Evil Dead will feature a cast of unknown actors, don’t think that we won’t be seeing the actor whose career was launched by the original franchise, Bruce Campbell, in the film.

In an interview with remake director Federico Alvarez El Pais reports that Alvarez is planning on having Campbell making an appearance in the film, quoting him as saying (as translated by the folks over at Bleeding Cool), “The only recognizable face is part of Bruce Campbell, but will be in a cameo towards the end of the film.”

Allow me to dabble in some random, and perhaps irresponsible, speculation. Alvarez states that this new version of the film “will change the characters and some story details, while keeping the basic outline of friends who are beleaguered by demons in a cabin alone.” So the hero of this new version won’t necessarily be named Ash, Campbell’s character in the original. Perhaps Alvarez is planning on showing Campbell in with a large group of attacking Deadites, hinting that perhaps Ash was never ultimately to free himself of the his association with the evil book The Necronomicon and the hosts of Deadities it can summon.

Of course, something like that would undoubtedly alienate many of the fans of the original franchise. But Alvarez indicates in the interview that existing fans are going to wind up being offended by the remake in some way anyways.

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