Major SKYFALL Rumor Rears Head Again (Possible Spoiler)

There are not many rumors about the storyline for the upcoming James Bond adventure Skyfall, but their is one major one that seems to pop up now and then. If true, it would be a big moment and one that would be a first for the series.

Best For Film (via Bleeding Cool) is reporting this rumor again and this time it sounds like it is a little closer to being reality.

We have it from a fairly iron-clad source (a member of the Skyfall team) that there’s going to be a fairly momentous death in the next Bond film.

“We’ve just filmed M’s death scene. Judi Dench is leaving the franchise.”

This would definitely be a strong creative choice for a franchise that historically hasn’t taken too many detours from its established formula that would have a lasting impact on the series. In fact, outside of 2006’s reboot with Casino Royale, I think the only Bond film that really had a dramatic moment that impacted on the character in the long run was 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with the death of Bond’s hours-old bride Tracey. And that was more due to the source material of Ian Flemming’s original novel than it was a creative choice on the part of producers.

Given that Dame Judi Dench has had some reported health problems, this would give her an exit from the series that provides an in-story explanation for the change in actors in the role.

Skyfall hits theaters this November.

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