New Releases: April 6

1. American Reunion (Universal, 3,191 Theaters, 113 Minutes, Rated R): American Pie was sort of a cultural tornado when it was released in 1999. It was a bawdy, raunchy take on the already bawdy and raunchy teen sex comedy, and it became a big hit. It was full of the freshest faces in Hollywood, each actor seemed to be almost bursting with potential.

Thirteen years later, the film became a franchise to extent that it became a cottage industry for Universal. There were six sequels–four of them straight to video, with this one becoming the seventh. And those bright careers with shining potential? Well, outside of a handful of modest success stories, the cast has either become tabloid fodder or disappeared of the face of the Earth.

The original cast has reunited for this film, which promises to be the last of the series (which I doubt. After all, the direct to video films only had Eugene Levy to provide continuity to the original, and they used him even if he didn’t fit the story. If they’re willing to go to those lengths to keep the franchise running, I don’t think they’ll be able to help themselves if this one is a hit). Can the cast recapture the magic of the original? And will the actors have a second chance to fulfill on their potential?

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