AVENGERS Tickets Pre-Sales Bigger Than Individual Films Combined!

The Avengers are becoming the superheroes to beat at the box office this summer. Not only is the superhero franchise mashup currently tracking to have an opening weekend that could knock 2008’s record-breaking The Dark Knight opening off its perch, but the Marvel Studios film has already reached another amazing milestone.

According to MovieTickets.com, with just a week to go until it opens, The Avengers has pre-sold more tickets than Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America and Thor did combined! Additionally, 56% of Avengers pre-sales are from those wanting to see the film in 3D while 37% are to see the film in IMAX 3D.

Normally, we don’t talk too much about box office here, but this report is kind of exciting. Not only does it show that Kevin Feige made a brave, but ultimately right decision back in 2008 when he first announced Marvel Studios’ plans to launch individual superhero film franchises that would also dovetail into one big feature. But it also shows that the detractors’ claims that The Avengers could be a flop due to people being tired of seeing those characters summer after summer.

And the Avengers isn’t the only high–profile superhero film we have coming this summer with Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man rebooting that franchise and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, the concluding installment of his Batman trilogy. Personally, I think it is moviegoers who win when we get great movies like this, no matter what kind of business they wind up doing. But the studios will certainly be looking forward to the box office rumble if only for the bragging rights.

Via Deadline.

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