Applegate Returning For ANCHORMAN 2

It looks as if the missing piece of the Anchorman 2 puzzle has been found. Christina applegate will be back to play newswoman and Ron Burgundy main squeeze veronica Corningstone.

It was sports reporter Champ Kind himself, David Koechner, who confirmed Applegate’s involvement, as well as the fact that the film will be set in the late `70s, right at the emergence of the 24 hour cable news networks. The news comes from a summation of a quick chat with Koechner at gossip site Perez Hilton (via Bleeding Cool).

Koechner’s comments echo director Adam McKay’s statement back in April concerning the film’s setting and how it would fuel some of the comedy.

We know these guys never deal well with change and the good thing is that there’s a big blast of change coming, according to the regular timeline. We’re going to be throwing a lot of innovation at them, and they’re not going to handle it well. It’s right when all the news started changing with the 24-hours news cycle in ’78 or ’79. All of a sudden, local news stations diversified and had Latino anchors and African-American anchors, and any time you’re talking about diversity and the Action News team, that’s always fun to deal with.

With that in mind, I would not be surprised if part of the plot would involve Veronica getting a gig with a certain Cable News Network and Ron not handling things very well when she becomes more successful and famous than him. Pure speculation, mind you, but this might be one way to connect the few dots we to connect right now.

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