GALAXY QUEST Producer Says Struggle For A Sequel “Not Over”


If you’re still hoping that there will be a sequel to the 1999 comedy Galaxy Quest, you’re not alone. In addition to genre fans all over, the film’s producer Mark Johnson also hopes to see the “crew” of the NSEA Protector back on the big screen. And while he doesn’t have any positive news to report on that possibly happening in the near future, he has not given up hope of it eventually becoming a reality.

I wish… It’s complicated. I can’t get into it because it only gets me angry, because I’m so proud of that movie… For a while there, and someday we may actually get there, we actually talked about doing a television show which would be sort of fun because it would be a TV show looking at a movie that’s looking at a TV show, something like that. So I wish I could answer you and I wish we did have a sequel or certainly a half hour comedy based on it. So we’ll see. It’s not over.

I have to admit that I am not entirely sure what a Galaxy Quest TV show would be like. The actors mistaken for their characters and taken out to space where they’re stranded for anywhere between 13 episodes to seven seasons? That makes it sound like a twist on Star Trek: Voyager, which I guess, given that Galaxy Quest is nothing more of a riff on how some people thing the original Star Trek cast interacts, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

Via Flavorwire.

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