Thomas Recruits ‘Veronica Mars’ Writer Diane Ruggiero To Co-Author Movie Screenplay

kristen-bell-veronica-marsAs Rob Thomas moves to bring his television series Veronica Mars to the big screen following his successful Kickstarter campaign to get the project funded, he has tuned to one of his former staff writers to help write its screenplay.

Thomas has told HitFix that his underestimation of the workload involved with running the Kickstarter campaign that led him to call in some help.

I had the outline and the first act of the movie written when we launched Kickstarter. I had no idea the craziness that would ensue once we launched. I was under the naive impression that I’d be able to handle knocking out the script while handling the sundry demands of running the fundraising — the press, questions about T-shirt artwork, etc. The day we launched we received 20,000 emails. The press requests and questions that arose about the specifics of the campaign was almost a full time job.

For Thomas, Ruggerio was the only phone call he could make for assistance, noting that she wrote what he considers to be the series “high-water mark,” the first season episode “A Trip To The Dentist.”

She was really my right hand writing the series. and it felt good to have someone who knew the voices as well as I did. We were both in a comfort zone, both writing this show and writing with each other.

With a projected start of filming set for this summer, I can see where Thomas is starting to feel the pressure to bring it all together. And if that means that he brings in his right-hand woman from the series then I don’t think fans have any reason to be worried.

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