ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW, Film Shot Secretly At Disneyland, Getting October Release


Last January, director Randy Moore’s drama Escape From Tomorrow made a splash in part for the fact that the entire film was secretly shot surreptitiously on location at Florida’s Walt Disney World and California’s Disneyland theme parks without permission. And while there was much praise for Moore and his crew in pulling off such a feat without getting caught by park officials, it was equaled by speculation as to whether the film would be able to get a release or would a legion of Mouse House lawyers keep it from theaters due to the amount of recognizable (and copyrighted) Disney iconography seen throughout the film.

The answer to that question came today as Producers Distribution Agency (PDA) announced thaty they’ll release the film this fall in theaters and on Video On Demand. The film will open in select cities starting October 11. The Video on Demand outlets the film will be available through include iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Cable Movies On Demand, YouTube, XBOX, Sony Playstation, Cinemanow and Vudu.

Escape From Tomorrow‘s story charts a man’s slow descent into despair and madness after being told he is being fired from his job while on the last day of his family’s vacation. Here’s a clip from the film that was released back in January that shows that the guerrilla-style of filmmaking used by Moore and his crew still yielded some rather impressive, non-shakey cam/found-footage results.

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