Affleck, Damon To Produce SLEEPER For Warners

ben-et-mattOne of the most absurd rumors to come out of the whole Batfleck furor was that Matt Damon was joining his long time friend in the Justice League film, playing Aquaman. We have a while before we find out if  there’s any truth in that rumor, but Damon is joining Affleck in bringing a comic book property to the big screen.

Variety is reporting that the pair will be producing Sleeper for Warner Brothers. They will be joined as producers by Jennifer Todd. Shawn Ryan and David Wiener have been selected to write the adaptation.

Sleeper_1_coverSleeper is a miniseries the Wildstorm imprint of Warner Brothers subsidiary DC Comics published from 2003 to 2005. It deals with Holden Carver, a secret agent with the power to not only be immune from pain, but also be able to store that pain and transfer it to another victim. He is tasked to go undercover and infiltrate a cartel of superpowered criminals. However, while he is undercover, his agency contact, the only one who knows of his mission, is placed into a coma after an attack. Carver must figure out a way to stay alive, continue with his mission and go back to his old life.

If this premise sounds familiar, it is. Sam Raimi tried to bring the comic to the big screen back in 2008, with Tom Cruise attached to star. It was still in active development as late as July 2009 before falling off the radar. Since Affleck is currently Warners’ golden boy, odds are that it will make it a bit farther this time.

No word yet if either Damon or Affleck will be starring in or directing the film.

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November 22, 2013 9:45 pm

Affleck, Damon To Produce SLEEPER For Warners