ANCHORMAN 2 Superticket Details Are Here


The details for what the $33 “superticket” deal that Paramount is offering for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues have been released and they are a marked improvement over what the studio offered over this past summer for $50 bucks for World War z.

Much like the premium-priced ticket for their Brad Pitt-starring zombie epic, Paramount’s superticket for Anchorman 2 lets you see the film on Monday, December 16, two days before the film’s December 18th release. Also like the World War Z superticket, you get a digital download of the film, but unlike WWZ, this one will be in high-def. The Anchorman 2 package comes with an additional download, Wake Up Ron Burgundy, the alternative cut of the first film that was included on several DVD and Blu-ray releases. There is no mention whether or not Wake Up Ron Burgundy is in high-def as well.

Unlike the WWZ superticket, instead of getting a small popcorn, you’ll get a a $5 voucher good at the theater’s concession stand.

But perhaps the best part of the deal is that after you pay for the first ticket at $33, you can add additional tickets onto your order at the regular ticket price charged by the theater. I suppose that if you got enough of a group together to throw in a couple of extra bucks each, you could probably easily cover the difference between one regular ticket and the $33 for the superticket and have a

All things considered, I have to say that the $33 price point for this is a much better deal than this summer’s World War Z package. Sure with WWZ you also got a limited-edition poster that you’re not getting here, but the ability to have friends tag along at regular price is a rather enticing offer.

You can order your superticket at the Fandango website.

Here’s Ron Burgundy himself telling you about the superticket deal, followed by the video of Steve Carrell auditioning for the role of Brick Tamlin in the first Anchorman film which can be found on the recently released Unrated Rich Mahogany Editionof the film.

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