Character Actor Reg E. Cathey Cast As Johnny And Sue’s Dad In FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

RegECathey2The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog is stating that veteran character actor Reg E. Cathey has been cast as the scientist father of Johnny and Sue Storm in Josh Trank’s forthcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

Cathey name might not be familiar, but his face sure is. He has has had roles in films such as Clear and Present Danger. Se7en, American Psycho and The Machinist. He has also been a regular on TV series such as Arli$$, Oz, The Wire (where he worked with the reboot’s Johnny Storm, Michael B. Jordan), Light’s Out, and Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit. He currently has roles on Cinemax’s Banshee and Netflix’s House of Cards, which also stars the reboot’s Sue, Kate Mara.

People of a certain age might also remember him from the PBS show Square One TV, which was aimed at introducing mathematics to kids. I wonder if that show was one of Trank’s favorites growing up.

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