GODZILLA’s Monster Box Office Triggers Sequel Development


Godzilla is not only the king of the monsters, but the king of the box office as well. The new Hollywood iteration of the classic Japanese monster has cleared $93 million at the box office this weekend. Adding that to the $103 million that it has pulled in internationally, the film is well on its way to being a hit. And such hits spawn sequels and this weekend Deadline confirmed that Warner Brothers and Legendary already have a follow-up in the works.

There’s no word yet as to any creatives who are involved though it wouldn’t be surprising if director Gareth Edwards were in the mix as I am sure that studio brass are very happy with what he’s done so far with the property. I also wouldn’t be surprised if writers David Callaham and Max Borenstein were brought back for more as well. Callaham crafted the film’s story which Borenstein then expanded into the screenplay.

The film is certainly doing better than the last time a Hollywood studio attempted to a Godzilla film. That was back in 1998 with Matthew Broderick heading up a cast trying to keep out from underfoot of the giant lizard as he stomped through Manhattan. That film opened with a $44 million dollar weekend which was below expectations. The 1998 film also disappointed fans of the franchise who felt that the film, directed by Roland Emmerich, strayed too far from the core concepts of the character and its giant creature was given the nickname GINO, Godzilla In Name Only. The creature was even referenced, though derisively, in 2001’s Godzilla, Mothra And King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack before appearing and quickly dispatched by the “real” Godzilla in 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars.

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