SDCC: Benedict Cumberbatch Shoots Down DOCTOR STRANGE Rumors


This is probably one of those stories that isn’t going to go away even after Marvel announces who will play the character, but fans just seem to want British actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role of Doctor Strange. The topic came up again at San Diego Comic Con as the Sherlock star was being interviewed by the folks at MTV.

Cumberbatch stats in the video below that he is already committed to a appearing in a production of Hamlet – apparently a prequel to that Steve Coogan movie from a few years back – at the time that the film will be in production. Of course, what this admission does tell us is that Marvel indeed has plans to have their Doctor Strange in production sometime in the later half of 2015, as Cumberbatch’s run in the show is from August 6th through October 31st next year, which would put the film in theaters sometime the following year. Since the only release date in 2016 we know Marvel has staked out but hasn’t yet announced an actual film for is July 8th, I would feel very confident in placing money that that’s when they’re going to release their Doctor Strange film. We’ll probably find out if we’re right or not tomorrow at Marvel’s SDCC panel.


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