SKULL ISLAND Gets A Slight Retitling


Legendary’s King Kong film Skull Island has gotten a slight name change. It is now Kong: Skull Island, just incase you weren’t sure about the locale’s most famous inhabitant.

The film was first announced this past summer at San Diego Comic Con, and has Tom Hiddleston set to star as part of an expedition to the jungle island that serves as home to dinosaurs and its giant ape, now titular, King. Initially set for a November 4, 2016 release, the film is now being pushed back to a March 10, 2017 bow.

As we have previously reported before, the film has no relation to Brad Strickland and Joe DeVito’s similarly titled book Kong Of Skull Island, though I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if its publisher took the opportunity to release a new edition as it gets closer to the film’s release.

Interestingly, the story in Deadline which broke this news quotes Legendary as stating the film will take place in a “‘new, distinct timeline’ within the iconic beast’s canon.” This makes me wonder, will this story be set at some earlier point than the original 1933 King Kong? The other possibility that springs to mind for me is that the film will serve as a reboot, possibly set in modern times. If so, with Legendary also the ones behind the Hollywood version of Godzilla, might they have a long term plan to have the two giant titans meet in a future film?

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