JAMES BOND: THE MUSICAL – Not An Evil Spectre Plot


When I think of the James Bond franchise one of the last things I think about is musicals. Sure, the films have spawned a number of hit title songs like “Goldfinger” and “View To A Kill” over the years, but the idea of an all-singing, all-dancing British secret agent only makes sense if you are making a joke, right?

Well there’s a producer out there who doesn’t see it quite like that and is aiming to mount a musical adaptation of the iconic super spy. The producer in question is Merry Saltzman, daughter of Bond film co-producer and theater producer Harry Saltzman, and she told Playbill that show will not adapt any previous Bond novel or film but will its own original story. However, it will feature “several Bond villains, plus some new ones.”

Appropriately titled James Bond: The Musical, the show will have a book by novelist Dave Clarke (Keeping Hannah Waiting), and music and lyrics by country composer Jay Henry Weisz (“Driving Home,” “Only One,” “Man in the Bar,” “The Fight”).

Saltzman is looking to have the production ready for a late 2017-early 2018 opening either on Broadway or in Las Vegas.

I certainly can’t be the only here think about the Spider-Man musical Turn Off The Dark, am I? This just strikes me as a colossal mismatch of story and genre. Heck, I would be willing to concede that a straight, non-musical James Bond play could possibly work on the stage. Think of a story that could take place in a few small locations like the Baccarat/Pokersequence in Bond creator Ian Flemming’s original Casino Royale novel or the original short story “Quantum of Solace.” But the idea of Bond breaking into a song and dance routine to move the plot along or showcase the feelings his character is expressing just sounds too ludicrous to work.

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