Josh Trank Apologizes For FANTASTIC FOUR Movie


Studios don’t like bad buzz about their films circulating before the films even have a chance to open in theaters. That is often why if they know that they have a stinker, they’ll embargo press reviews until as close to the film’s release as possible. You generally don’t see the bad buzz coming from the film’s director, so you can imagine that Twentieth Century Fox is probably not too happy with Fantastic Four director Josh Trank this evening.

In what could be seen as an admission of the rumored much-troubled production of the comic book adaptation, Trank tweeted out earlier –

The tweet disappeared out of Trank’s feed fairly quickly, but fortunately, some folks got screen shots of it.


Honestly, while I am surprised that Trank is making such an admission on the eve of the Fantastic Four‘s release, I am not surprised that it confirms the numerous rumors that have been swirling around the production. Most recently, it was being rumored that almost 40 of the 90 pages of the film’s script were reshot months after the initial production had wrapped and that the studio only had a final edit looked in at the end of June/beginning of July, a remarkably late date for a release date in the first week of August. Definitely bad signs.

Currently, Fantastic Four is trending at about 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, a rather dismal score, and one that is lower than both previous Fantastic Four films. Could Trank’s vision have scored better? Perhaps Fox will let him release his director’s cut, but after this evening, I don’t think they will be in too much of a mind to do anything he asks of them for some time to come.

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