New Releases: September 4, 2015

transporter_refueled1. Transporter Refueled (EuropaCorp, 3,434 Theaters,96 Minutes, Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, sexual material, some language, a drug reference and thematic elements, Rotten Tomatometer at press time: 18% Fresh [50 Reviews]): Honest to God, I thought that this was Nicolas Hoult taking over from Jason Stratham in this series. I was beginning to compose this post asking whether it was a step up for him or a step down.

Problem is, it isn’t Nicolas Hoult. It’s a relative newcomer named Ed Skrein who looks amazingly similar to Hoult. So much so that it is scary.

This installment has Frank Martin involved with a cadre of women with revenge on their mind. However, when the other side kidnaps Martin’s father, it will be the younger Frank who looks for revenge.

A-Walk-in-the-Woods-Movie-Poster2. A Walk In the Woods (Open Wednesday, Broad Green Pictures, 1,960 Theaters,104 Minutes, Rated R for language and some sexual references, Rotten Tomatometer at press time: 49% Fresh [81 Reviews]): This feels like a film that should have been released later in the year. It is top loaded with an Oscar caliber cast. It has a literary pedigree. And it is based on a memoir. That screams Oscar bait, although that Tomatometer score might be the reason why we are getting this now.

Bill Bryson has decided to reacquaint himself with America by hiking up the Appalachian Trail, he invites an old friend along, a rogue who is the only person crazy enough to go with him. However, the friend is crazy enough to make the trip anything but a peaceful communing with nature.

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