MPAA Denies Michael Moore’s Appeal Of R Rating For Doc WHERE TO INVADE NEXT


The Motion Picture Association of America’s ratings board has denied documentarian Michael Moore’s appeal of the R rating that they assigned to his upcoming film Where To Invade Next.

The Hollywood Reporter states that the film received the rating for “language (more than one use of the F-word), some violent images, drug use and brief graphic nudity (topless women).”

The film, Moore’s first since 2009’s Capitalism: A Love Story, is a look at the United States’ foreign policy and how other countries deal with social and economic issues that are also being faced here at home. It earned strong critical praise following its world premier at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this fall.

When the MPAA initially gave the documentary its R rating, the director released a statement blasting the organization –

It’s amazing how 25 years have passed — we invented the internet, gay marriage is legal and we elected an African American President of the United States, but the MPAA is still intent on censoring footage that is available from any evening network news show. This film has been widely praised by critics for its warmth and humor and optimism. What is the real reason I keep getting all these ‘R’ ratings? I wish the MPAA would just be honest and stick a label on my movies saying: ‘This movie contains dangerous ideas that the 99% may find upsetting and lead them to revolt.’

When the MPAA turned down his appeal on Thursday, Moore registered his disappointment on Facebook.

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Where to Invade Next opens in New York and Los Angeles on December 23rd then nationwide January 15th.

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