WHERE TO INVADE NEXT Release Pushed Back To Coincide With New Hampshire Primary


Michael Moore has had the general release of his next documentary Where To Invade Next pushed back from December 23 to February 12, three days after the New Hampshire primary.

The film’s planned release in New York City and Los Angeles will remain on December 23, where it will run for one week in order to meet the qualifying rules to compete in this year’s Academy Awards competition. Where To Invade Next is currently on the list of fifteen finalist who are vying for one of the five nomination spots in the Best Documentary category for this year’s Academy Awards. Nominees will be announced January 14.

Shot in secret, Where To Invade Next features Moore traveling around the world, looking for various ideas that have proven successful and beneficial in other countries that he could bring back to the United States such as universal health care, employee benefits and free college education. The director states that the issues and ideas he explores in the film are fairly non-partisian.

In order to promote the film, and hopefully give it a step up in the Oscar season, Moore is planning what he described to Deadline as a “fifty state strategy” in which he will tour every state in the union over the six weeks leading up to the release to promote the film. It was an idea he conceived after seeing the film’s high scores with test audiences in Pittsburgh and Yonkers.

What it has shown us is the film not only plays well as just a movie, but the issues raised in the film deeply affect people. So I said to Tom [Quinn] and Jason [Janego, two of the heads of the still unnamed distribution company handling the film] before we go wide why not give me a month or so to barnstorm the country, me personally, in a big rock ‘n roll tour bus, and we will crisscross the country showing the film for free, leading up to the New Hampshire primary because the issues in the film are the issues, the real issues, people want being discussed in this election year.

Currently, Moore stated that the plan is for Where To Invade Next to premier on 300 to 400 screens around the country and then expanding up to anywhere between 750 to 1000 screens over the next two weeks. That amount of coverage would be comparable to the level of distribution Moore’s Fahrenheit 911, the most successful documentary ever, and his Oscar-winner Bowling For Columbine.

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