THE PREDATOR Disappoints With $24 Million Opening Weekend

Despite being a new installment in one of Fox’s better known science-fiction franchises, The Predator had a less than auspicious debut this past weekend, pulling in just $24 million at the box office. The weekend’s final estimate for the film is also disappointing, because it represents a $2 million drop from the $26 million projections that were being made on Saturday.

This weekend’s box office for the film also is a decline from the debut of the franchise’s last installment, 2010’s Predators, which earned $24.7 million its opening weekend. The problem, though, is that the Nimród Antal-directed film from 2010 had a budget of just $40 million while this new installment cost more than double that – $88 million. While The Predator’s overseas’ box office of $30.7 million will help boast it towards profitability, some box office analysts are having trouble seeing a path that gets the film firmly into the black. With films like Venom and A Star Is Born set to start debuting in just a few weeks, The Predator doesn’t have much time to make up its lost ground.

The Predator earned a rather low C= from Cinemascore’s polling of audiences on Friday night while Rotten Tomatoes has the film scoring at just 33%. This combination suggest some poor word of mouth coming over the next few weeks for the movie which will further depress ticket sales.

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Michael Klein
September 17, 2018 10:22 pm

We already have a Predator movie worth revisiting. We didn’t need this garbage.