Don’t Expect Taron Egerton Back For A Third KINGSMAN Movie

Bad news, Kingsman fans. If you were excited about seeing Taron Egerton return as Eggsy the London street tough has been reinvented into a suave secret agent in the Kingsman films, you may want to adjust your expectations.

While doing the rounds for his upcoming Robin Hood film, Egerton told Yahoo that he would not be part of the third installment currently being developed.

I’m not in the new Kingsman. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever be in Kingsman ever again. I was with Matthew as little as a few days ago. I’ve got a missed call from him this morning. We’re very much still in business together. It’s just that his next journey in that universe doesn’t involve me. His idea for the new one is incredibly exciting. I’m sad that I won’t be on that journey with him.

That doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the last of Eggsy. Sure, he got married off to a Swedish princess at the end of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the spy business. Egerton himself promises “It’s not the last you’ve seen of Eggsy!”

As for what this means for the upcoming movie, it is hard to say. Previously, director Matthew Vaughn stated that a third Kingsman film would finish off the story of Eggsy and his mentor Henry Hart (Colin Firth). He has also said that he and writer Mark Millar have been developing a couple of other Kingsman films including a prequel and one that would center on the Statesmen, the American cousins to the British spy agency. Rumors have been circulating that the Kingsman film that is about to head into production could be that prequel story, and if Egerton won’t be involved it is beginning to look a bit more likely that it is.

The currently untitled third Kingsman is scheduled for release November 8, 2019.

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