Hulu Close To Multi-Series Deal For George R. R. Martin’s WILD CARDS Books

Hulu is close to a deal that will see the streaming service producing multiple TV series based on the superhero book series Wild Cards co-created by Game Of Thrones author George R R Martin.

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that the should the deal go through, a writers room will be opened to chart the course of at least two series that will share their fictional universe, with The Circle scripter Andrew Miller writing.

The book series details an alternate history where an alien virus was released over New York City shortly after the close of World War Two. The plague, dubbed the Wild Card Virus, immediately killed 90 percent of those it infected. The remaining ten percent had their DNA altered with most getting some sort of deformed physical mutation and a very small percent would gain superpowers. This science-fiction superhero world had its birth in an ongoing campaign of the role-playing game Superworld run by Martin for many of the authors who would go on to contribute to the twenty-seven novels, short story anthologies and mosaic novels that comprise the series. Contributors to the series over the years include Melinda Snodgrass, Roger Zelazny, Stephen Leigh, Lewis Shiner, John J Miller and Victor Milan.

While I know that Game Of Thrones certainly has it fans, Wild Cards has been the George R R Martin property I have been waiting for someone to adapt for some time now. The series spans decades and contains enough characters to support the multiple series that Hulu seems to be interested in. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were looking to make this their version of Netflix’s Marvel superhero shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

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