NYCC 2023: ARCHER Getting 3-Part Series Finale

Archer New York Comic Con 2023
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One last trip to the Danger Zone!

Just because the final episode of the final season of Archer was broadcast earlier this week, that doesn’t mean that we have seen the last of the super spy or his colleagues at The Agency.

FX will be airing a three-part series finale, Archer: Into The Cold, starting on December 17. The special three part event was announced earlier this evening at New York Comic Con, where a portion of the first part of the special was screened.

The screened portion opens by picking up from the dramatic announcement that ended the season 14. The United Nations has decided to impose a ban on all freelance spy agencies like the one Archer works for, mostly because of all the mayhem that Archer and company have caused around the world over the last fourteen years. Lana is of the opinion that the “grandstanding dorks” of the UN will never get the resolution passed, mostly because all of the freelance agencies have compromising blackmail information on most of the delegates. So ot is business as usual, which means that the current mission that Archer and his team are on goes sideways almost immediately.

Archer premiered on FX in 2009 as a parody of spy adventure films like the James Bond franchise but disguised as a workplace comedy. Comic actor H Jon Benjamin gives voice to hedonistic and at times dimwitted spy Sterling Archer, with Aisha Tyler as his partner in the field and sometime lover Lana, series creator Adam Reed as fellow field agent Ray Gillette, Judy Greer as agency secretary Cheryl/Carol Tunt, Amber Nash and agency HR rep Pam Poovey, Chris Parnell as agency accountant Cyril Figgis and Lucky Yates as Dr. Algernop Krieger.

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