New Releases: October 17

October 16, 2008

1. Max Payne (3,200 Theaters, 100 Minutes, Rated PG-13): I have to admit, I’m not a big video game fan. I used to be. I used to make it a point to rent every game that [click for more]

New Trailer For W

September 28, 2008

If all the hubbub leading up to this past Friday’s first Presidental Debate was not enough to whet your political whistle, this weekend sees the release from Lionsgate of the final trailer for Oliver Stone’s George [click for more]

Misunderestimating W

August 15, 2008

Film School Rejects have a picture of a series of posters that have shown up in Denver for Oliver Stone’s upcoming George W. Bush biopic W. Those following the presidental elections probably know that Denver [click for more]