The Invaders Are Joining CAPTAIN AMERICA

Captain America is going to be getting some allies when he heads off to fight the Nazi’s in his upcoming film from Marvel Studios- The Invaders!

During the rounds of press he has been doing for his film The Wolfman releasing next week, Captain America:The First Avenger director Joe Johnston has dropped several hints about the upcoming comic book adaptation. The admission that Cap would fight his long-time nemesis the Red Skull doesn’t come as much surprise. It is an obvious choice that will please fans. The idea that Cap’s familiar flag-inspired costume gets its start in a USO show, may have to be seen before we can really pass judgment.

But CHUD‘s exclusive that the World War Two-era superhero squad the Invaders will not only make an appearance in Captain America, but will be in “the entire second half,” is perhaps the best news yet we’ve heard about the film. In the comics, the Invaders are comprised of Captain America and his sidekick Bucky, the original, android Human Torch and his sidekick Toro and the Sub-Mariner. They were later joined by the speedster the Whizzer, Miss America, Blazing Skull, the Silver Scorpion and others. Johnson declined to say who would be making up the Invaders’ roster, but the rights for the Sub-Mariner character are tied up over at 20th Century Fox as part of the Fantastic Four rights, so don’t expect him.

What’s interesting is that it looks like the inclusion of the Invaders sounds almost like a dress rehearsal for Marvel Studios’ Avengers flick, which is set to follow Captain America in 2012. What the studio may learn in trying to get a group of superheroes working together on film will almost definitely be applied to The Avengers.

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William Gatevackes
William Gatevackes
February 7, 2010 11:08 pm

You can probably cross off the Human Torch too, for the same reason.

William Gatevackes
William Gatevackes
February 8, 2010 12:03 am

Different origin, yes. Same power set and same name, though. Changing the name to “The Torch” wouldn’t help too much in my opinion, especially if it’s only shortening it. You’d need to change the powers, look and name of the character, which would make it essentially a different character.

I just want to see if Union Jack makes the cut, and if they keep his costume the same.