David Cronenberg’s 1981 science-fiction/horror film Scanners is set to be remade under the direction of Darren Lynn Bousman, helmer of Saw II (2005) and III (2006) as well as the upcoming Saw IV (later this year). David Goyer is set to rewrite Cronenberg’s tale of telepaths who are used as weapons by an evil corporation. (Source- Variety)

Weekend At Bernie’s
Moviehole is reporting that a remake of the 1980s Andrew McCarthy/Jonathan Silverman comedy Weekend At Bernie’s is set for a remake from producers Ashok Amritraj and Jon Jashni. The original, itself a comedic riff on Hitchcock’s dark comedy The Trouble With Harry, centered on two bumbling office workers who are invited to their bosses beach house for the weekend only to arrive and find him dead. Rather than call the cops, the pair decide to trick the numerous partiers who have descended upon the beach house that Bernie is alive and well, just a little drunk. It looks like the remake will move the action from a beach house to a ski lodge, with probably very predictable results.

Get Smart
Superspy Maxwell Smart has found his Chief. The Hollywood Reporter has word that Alan Arkin has been cast as the head of CONTROL, the super-secret spy organization in the upcoming big screen adaptation of the classic 60s spy spoof that starred Don Adams. Taking Adams’ role for the new version is The Office star Steve Carell with Anne Hathaway as lovely sidekick, Agent 99. Also in the cast are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Agent 23 and Terrence Stamp in an unnamed role. (Perhaps as Siegfried, head of the evil spy organization KAOS?)

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