Sneak Peek: First Photo Of Quinto As Spock Leaked

No sooner does it look like we’ve finished with the Star Trek casting news, then the first pictures snuck off of the set of JJ Abrams’ franchise reboot show up. Both IESB and JFX On Line have scored photos of Heroes star Zach Quinto in full makeup as Trek‘s half-human half-alien Mr. Spock. IESB also had some video shot at the production’s location filming at a chapel at an undisclosed location in southern California.

Meanwhile, AintItCool News has what they feel is a good breakdown of what the film’s plot is, as well as a certain classic Trek writer’s response.

The photo here (click on it to enlarge) doesn’t lie- If anyone had a question about Quinto being a good physical choice for a young Spock, they have surely been put to rest. Now, let’s hope that Abrams script has given the actor some good material to work with. Trek‘s bloom has been off the rose with me for some time. However, the slew of casting announcements over the past few weeks and the photos published today have my interest piqued in the franchise for the first time in approximately 15 years.

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