Reilly to "Walk Hard" across the US as Dewey Cox.

I guess Judd Apatow and Columbia Pictures thought that if it worked Talledega Nights, it will work for Walk Hard.

The studio announced that the star of the movie, John C. Reilly, will be setting out on a seven city tour of the United States performing songs from the movie in character as Dewey Cox.

Producer Apatow and Columbia did a similar promotional stunt for Talledega Nights, having Will Ferrell appear at various NASCAR events as his character from the movie. Ricky Bobby.

The tour will start tomorrow in Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and end in New York City’s Knitting Factory. The promotional event will stop in Chicago, Austin, Nashville, San Francisco, and Los Angeles along the way. A screening of Walk Hard will precede each performance.

If Reilly takes a clue from This is Spinal Tap, he could have a nice side business for himself. Michael McKean, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest’s mock rock band has enjoyed continued life with concert appearances and record releases. If the movie is successful, then this might not be the last we see of Dewey Cox.

Via Variety.

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