Marvel Going Forward With VENOM Movie

It looks like the first project Marvel Studios is actively looking for writers for not that they signed an interim agreement with the striking Writers Guild of America last week is a spinoff from 2006’s Spider-Man III featuring the villian Venom, according to IESB.

Long a favorite of a sector of comic book fans, the character was in development for his own film about eight years ago at New Line, but the project never got enough traction.

IESB is reporting that Marvel Studios has met with several “A-list writers” about tackling the film, though they don’t say if anyone has actually accepted the screenwriting gig.

Personally, I don’t like the character much. Its otherworldly origins seemed like too much of a stretch to fit in with the urban adventures of Spider-Man. His appearance in the last film felt forced, especially after series director Sam Raimi had gone on record saying that he didn’t much understand or care for the character. The result was that it felt as if Venom was shoehorned into the film to appease fans rather than having been included for a valid story reason. Perhaps, detatched from the Spider-Man connections and not forced to share screen time with two other villians, Venom will find a way to be its own entertaining and interesting character.

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