A SWORD AND THE SORCERER Follow Up? Ummm… Really?

Somehow this one skated by my attention last week as I was preparing to head out to New York Comic Con, but evidentially, director Albert Pyun will be directing a follow up to his cult 1982 fantasy film The Sword And The Sorcerer. The project, titled Tales Of An Ancient Kingdom will reunite Pyun with his Sword star Lee Horsley.

Twitch had the low down-

The new film casts Horsley as a mercenary general and father to stars Christopher Lambert – himself making a return to the genre that made him an international star – Kevin Sorbo and Victoria Maurette. There are offers out to a number of other significant stars of the genre but nothing is final on those fronts just yet.

Twitch also reports that the film is more “a sequel in spirit than in story.”

Sure, it’s been just over 25 years since the original Sword And The Sorcerer was in theaters, but I say ‘Why not?’ I mean, it is not like Horsley has an impeding Matt Houston reunion project to take up his time. And I am sure that the fact that Sorbo and Lambert being only a couple of years younger than Horsley won’t be too distracting for an audience.

Earlier today, AintItCool reported some follow up casting information, stating that Yancy Butler and Leah Cairns have joined the film’s cast. They also report that production is scheduled to begin on May 5 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and will end on location in Tunisia. They also state that the three-bladed sword from the original film will make an appearance.

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