GREEN HORNET Officially Green Lit

Enterainment Weekly’s Hollywood Insider blog is announcing that Sony is officially giving the green light to Seth Rogen’s take on the pulp hero, Green Hornet.

This is news to me, because I thought it was already a done deal. I guess this means that it really really is going to happen this time.

Many of you may remember that Kevin Smith was at one time going to helm this flick, but dropped out of consideration.

Rogen is co-writing the film with his longtime friend and Superbad co-scribe, Evan Goldberg. Rogen will also play the title character, a newspaper magnate named Britt Reid who fights crime at night with the help of his driver, Kato.

No director has been announce yet, but expect word on that soon if the film is expected to meet its planned June 25, 2010 release date.

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June 12, 2008 9:49 am

Lets look at some facts that have been overlooked or pushed under the rug by SOOO many here and in Hollywood.1. The character predated Batman and the ONLY tie in was in 1966 when the same producer for the TV show did the TV Green Hornet.2. The Character is not a superhero, he has no super powers, no super villains, he is at best a masked crime fighter. Really he is no different than any TV/Film crime fighter except he happens to have a secret identity.3. The Character did not come from the comic world; comics only explored their version… Read more »

William Gatevackes
William Gatevackes
June 13, 2008 2:44 am

Wow, anonymous. You are a one big Green Hornet fan. I appreciate your post and the knowledge you brought to the subject. Please allow me to address some of your points. 1. This is true. He actually had more in common with the Lone Ranger than Batman. They were both created by the same man and I remember hearing somewhere that they hinted that the Green Hornet was a relative of the Lone Ranger. I don’t know if that’s true, but it would be cool if it was. 2. I see your point, but I consider anybody who dons a… Read more »