Marvel Movie Logos? Plus: Leo as CAPTAIN AMERICA?

MTV Movies Blog has given us what it thinks is a sneak peek of the logos for the next films in the line from Marvel Studios, taken directly from the New York Licensing Expo:

Above image taken from the MTV Movies Blog.

What do I think? I think these are logos taken directly from the original comic books. Since movies seldom take the comic logo as their logo, I think we might see different ones when the films actually come out. Don’t get me wrong, the Avengers logo is one of my favorite comic book logos of all time (and, yes, I am geeky enough to have favorite comic book logos), but I think these are just place holders.

Latino Review is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio is next on Marvel’s wish list to play the lead in Captain America.

Now, Latino Review, where I got the above image from, is quick to point out that this is still in the wishful thinking stages. No offers have been made. No agents have been contacted. No feelers sent out.

My thoughts? It depends on what Leo we get. If we get the Leo from The Departed, then this is a great choice. If we get the Leo from Titanic, well, not so much.

But either way, it’s better than Matthew McConaughey. But not as good as Matt Damon.

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June 15, 2008 1:13 am

Unless we get Leo from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, which while an excellent, oft-forgotten performance, would make a pretty weird Cap.