Stern Picks Writer For ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL Redo

Actor/writer/director Alex Winter, best known as being the non-keanu Reeves half of Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure, has been signed to script a remake of Rock And Roll High School for talk radio superstar Howard Stern’s production company.

When not overseeing his high profile satellite radio show for the newly merged Sirius Xm company, Stern has slowly been developing a few film projects through his Howard Stern Productions shingle. While it has been common knowledge for some time that one of those projects was a remake of the 1979 Roger Corman cult classic Rock And Roll High School, not much else was known about the project until now. Stern and producing part Larry Levinson are also developing a remake of the 1982 comedy Porky’s.

 Although I am a Stern fan, I have been wondering about the advisability of remaking Rock And Roll High School ever since he announced the project. A main component to the film’s appeal was the appearance of the seminal punk band The Ramones, and with Joey, Johnny and DeeDee Ramone all dead, I don’t see them making an appearance in the new film. What band could take their place in a new version? Green Day? The White Stripes?

I also question how relevant the generational gap conflict over music that was the core of the film is today. The Rolling Stones are still touring at an age when the average working stiff is getting ready to retire. Rock music is no longer the domain of those in their teens and 20s, it has its fans in all age groups. Granted, given Stern’s run-ins with various media watchdog groups, I could see the school administration being portrayed as conservative religious types.

Via Variety.

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