Want To See WATCHMEN Tomorrow Night?

Why wait until next March? You can see Zack Snyder’s long-awaited adaptation of the graphic novel classic Watchmen tomorrow night!

Of course, you have to get yourself to Portland, Orgeon and the Regal Lloyd Center 10 Theater, where Warner Brothers will be holding a (not anymore) secret test screening of the film at 7 pm.

As usual with these types of screenings, the marketing firm looks for a wide variety of average film-goers to come see a “mystery movie” and then fill out a short questionnaire about it afterwards. Based on these results, a film can have scenes and even entire characters trimmed or cut out of the film. In particularly dire cases, films have had entire new scenes, including endings, reshot based on test screening feedback.

According to reports, the screening will forgo the usual practice of recruiting people ahead of time and will just be trying to get patrons who have arrived at the theater that evening to participate. Of course, they know that rabid fanboys will probably skew their results one way or another, so if you decide to head out to the theater, play dumb when they ask you if you read comics.

Since this news is ripping across the internet fairly fast, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warners cancels or moves the screening. But if you do happen to get in, send us a report on what you saw. The contact button is just over there on your right.

Via Collider.

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