Nolan Drops PRISONER To Do BATMAN 3 Next?

ChristopherNolanChristopher Nolan is not a number, he’s a free man! Free, at least, from his obligation of directing a big screen version of the cult classic 60s television series The Prisoner.

The Australian site CineFools caught up with Prisoner producer Barry Mendel, who confirmed that Nolan had left the project, but that they were still working on developing a screenplay with 12 Monkeys scripters David and Janet Peoples.

This could be good news for those of us waiting for Nolan to return to the Batman franchise to deliver a follow up to last summer’s The Dark Knight. While the director is currently in the midst of shooting Inception, a science-fiction thriller, he has no other commitments once the film is finished, leaving him free to begin work on a new Batman film. Warners is anxious for him to start work on it. Fans are anxious for him to start work on it. So here’s hoping Nolan is equally anxious to dive it.

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August 19, 2009 10:26 am

Didn’t even know Nolan was involved in a “big screen” Prisoner. Would have been interesting to see what he would have done differently from the AMC Small screen remake we’re getting this Nov.