Townsend Bails On THOR Before Cameras Roll

So why do they keep hiring this guy again?

Stuart Townsend dropped out of his role in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, only a day before cameras are set to roll on the comic book adaptation. A source close to the production speaking on condition of annonymity told the Associated Press that Joshua Dallas was being brought into replace Townsend in the role of Fandral, one of Thor’s Norse god allies known as the Warriors Three.

This is not the first time that Townsend has been replaced in a role just prior to the start of principal photography. Director Peter Jackson replaced the actor with Viggo Mortensen in the role of Aragorn when Jackson decided that he wanted an older actor in the role. Townsend has left over the typical euphemistic “creative differences.”

Given that films that Townsend has actually acted in include The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Queen Of The Damned, it is probably good that he is no longer involved with the production.

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