Warners Looking To Go To GILLIGAN’S ISLAND

Warner Brothers is moving ahead in their plans to bring the seminal 60s comedy series Gilligan’s Island to the big screen by hiring Brad Copeland to write a new scenario in which a small group of people go for a simple three-hour boat tour and find themselves marooned on an uncharted island in the Pacific. (No, there’s no smoke monster in this.)

On the plus side, Copeland started his career as a staff writer on the sitcom News Radio before working on Arrested Development, Grounded For Life and My Name Is Earl. On the minus side is his first feature film credit- Wild Hogs. Copeland has also scripted the upcoming Yogi Bear film and a remake of Flight Of The Navigator. Weigh those as you will.

Although it is hoped that the film will be in front of cameras early next year, no director or cast has been attached to the project yet.

I suppose that a decent film could be made out of Gilligan’s Island, though it would probably be very hard to do so. A majority of the charm of the series was the chemistry between the actors and by extension, the characters. But the show always seemed to struggle when it came to concocting a storyline that didn’t feel stretched out at just a half-hour.

Although the series only ran three years, it was a mainstay in syndication for decades. It also spawned a cartoon series, three live-action made for TV movies and even a reality series.

Source- Variety

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