MIDNIGHT RUN Sequel In Development

Universal is developing a sequel to the 1988 Robert DeNiro film Midnight Run. The studio has hired Role Models scripter Timothy Dowling to draft a screenplay which would find his grizzled bounty hunter character Jack Walsh being teamed with a younger character for a new adventure.

The original 1988 action comedy had DeNiro’s Walsh dragging an accountant played Charles Grodin across country to testify against his former mob employers with mafia assassins and other bounty hunters in hot pursuit. The film also starred John Ashton, Dennis Farina, Yaphet Kotto and Joe Pantoliano.

And while it is exciting that DeNiro is returning to give his classic character another go round, it is worth noting that DeNiro’s comedy career has been a very mixed bag. For every Analyze This and Meet The Parents, DeNiro has also come out with an Analyze That and a Meet The Fockers. The real secret to Midnight Run is the chemistry that DeNiro shared with Grodin’s character and the real key to this new project will be creating a character and finding an actor to play it that will create a similar bond with DeNiro. Good luck with that.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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