New Releases: June 23

1. Knight And Day (Fox, 3,042 Theaters, 110 Minutes, Rated PG-13): I have to admit, I kind of grew apart from Tom Cruise during his hole jumping on couches, yelling at Matt Lauer period several years back. Not that I was ever a rabid fan of his, but I usually saw whatever he was in when the opportunity arose. But after that I had no interest. The only film I saw that he was in since then was Tropic Thunder, and even then I was put off by his overindulgent performance (Yes, I know everybody else loved his Les Grossman. I thought it was good at best).

However, I think this film might actually have him earn my trust back. From the trailers I’ve seen, the character seems to almost be a quasi parody of himself. The guy is high strung, yet charming, funny yet with an edge. What I’ve seen of his performance works for me.

Cruise plays a spy who gets involved with a normal woman (Cameron Diaz) during one of his assignments. When it turns out that the he was set up to be killed, they must go on the run if they are to survive.

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