THOR Gets Hammered

Allow me to slip into a little “Grumpy Old Man” voice here for a second.

I remember, back in my day, that the big announcements and new images from movies were released AT San Diego Comic-Con, not BEFORE it.

Anyway, USA Today has another image from the Thor film, which, if I may remind you, is A YEAR AWAY.  As you can see below, it features Thor either hammering a piece of rock or trying to remove the hammer from the piece of rock.

It does give us a peek at the non-Asgard Thor. If this is in fact Thor in his civilian identity, I imagine this means his alter ego will not be frail Dr. Donald Blake.

It also gives us a look at Chris Hemsworth’s guns. The first images of him in costume made me believe that it possibly could be another case like Michael Keaton in Batman, where the suit adds muscle to an actor who has none. Good to see that isn’t the case.

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