Sasha Grey To Take A SKINNY DIP

Sasha Grey will be teaming up with Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez for the revenge flick Skinny Dip, playing a woman who kills a police officer. There’s no word as to how that relates to the revenge being sought in the film.

When an adult film actress shows up in a more mainstream film, it is usually in a small role that requires a certain amount of nudity. (See Private Parts and Black Dynamite for some prime examples.) But Grey seems determined to bring more than her physical charms with her in that transition. While the starring role in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience is probably a good way to start a mainstream career, following it up with the horror comedy Smash Cut might not have been the best choice.

We’ll have to wait until some of the films that are currently in post-production get released before we have a better idea of how Grey is handling the transition. But given how she’s presented herself in interviews, I think she has a shot. Previously, porn stars like Ron Jeremy and Tracy Lord have made the move, but found themselves somewhat limited to parts that played off of their better known careers. A glance at Grey’s IMDb page shows that she is still working in porn while trying to forge a mainstream career. Is it possible that she intends to straddle (pun only slightly unintended) both worlds?

Via CinemaBlend.

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