New Releases: January 7

1. Season Of The Witch (Relativity, 2,816 Theaters, 95 Minutes, Rated PG-13): Nicolas Cage has had a interesting career after winning his Oscar. It’s easy to look at the stinkers on his post-Oscar resume (Ghost Rider, The Wicker Man) and write him off as a Cuba Gooding, Jr/Mira Sorvino like disappointment. But with every clunker he sprinkles in the hits (National Treasure, Con Air, The Rock) and the daring, Oscar-worthy fair (Adaptation, World Trade Center)

It seems, for better or worse, Cage does the films he’s interested in. And more often than not, it’s genre films like this one, films with a twist to them.

Problem is, these films are seldom any good and die a quick death in the box office. This film has the weekend to itself, but from all I’ve seen, it looks like another clunker. I just don’t see Nicolas Cage, with his blown out hair extensions, as a 14th century knight.

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