There aren’t many films that I’m looking forward to seeing in 3D, but Tsui Hark’s upcoming Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate with Jet Li is one of them. Unfortunately, it is still looking as if the film hasn’t picked up a US distributor yet, so we have to be content with the glimpses that this new trailer for the film offers.

While I’ve sen the 1992 remake a few times, I’ve only recently caught up with the original 1966 Dragon Gate Inn, and I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with it. Even setting possible translation problems aside, I found the screenplay to be lacking in several areas, most notably not fleshing out the characters of the general’s children whom everyone is so keen to kill/protect.

Hark’s take on the material seems to lean a bit more towards the wuxia of the 1992 remake than the straight action version of the original. And by leaning “a bit more” I mean, it looks as if it exceeds the 1992 version for crazy action. As we should expect from Hark.

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